Amylase Test



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An amylase test may be ordered if your doctor suspects a problem with the pancreas, the organ in your stomach that aids in digestion. Amylase is a protein produced by the pancreas as well as glands located in and around the mouth and throat. It aids in the conversion of carbs and starches to sugar.
Amylase Enzymatic, Serum test in Hyderabad is used to detect or tract a pancreas issue, such as pancreatitis (pancreatic inflammation). A urine test for amylase can be ordered in conjunction with or after a blood test for amylase. The presence of amylase in the urine can aid in the diagnosis of pancreatic and salivary gland diseases. High levels of amylase can denote pancreatic blockage, acute stage pancreatitis, and pancreatic cancer. Lower amylase levels can lead to the identification of cystic fibrosis, liver diseases, and chronic stage pancreatitis.

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