Diabetes Basic Profile



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Diabetes, medically known as diabetes mellitus is a disorder where the blood sugar levels are high. It is a metabolic disease, meaning that there is an abnormal chemical reaction that is hindering the normal process of breakdown of food to form sugar and energy. In diabetes, the hormone insulin which moves sugar from the blood to cells is either not produced by the body or isn\'t used effectively. Getting a Diabetes Test done is the best way to assess if you have diabetes, in case you suspect it. You can book a Diabetes Test in Hyderabad and get the screening done without any hassles. A Diabetes Test can help in diagnosing this serious illness and help you in getting the necessary treatment so that you can have a relatively healthy life and be able to do all the things you enjoy. A Blood Sugar Test in Hyderabad is generally a blood test that can help in diagnosing how serious your condition is and what the treatment plan should be. The phlebotomist will take a small sample of blood from a vein and the sample will then be sent to the lab for the Blood Glucose Test you have chosen.