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Allergy testing is an umbrella term used for a series of tests that can determine the kind of allergy you might be suffering from and what might have caused it. An allergy occurs when the immune system goes into overdrive in an effort to attack something it deems as a threat to your well-being. There are numerous reasons for an allergy to develop. The doctor will advise the closest type of allergy test based on your symptoms.
One of the most common allergy blood tests is the ImmunoCAP. This allergy test type looks for IgE antibodies to identify the specific allergens that might be causing your symptoms. Some of the common symptoms of allergy include diarrhea, wheezing, coughing, sneezing, watery & itchy eyes, and a running nose. Although allergies aren’t generally life-threatening, yet you should be extremely careful about the symptoms and go for allergy testing the moment the doctor recommends.